Mission & Vision


MEDZ’s vision is to maintain its leading position as a distinguished State partner in the implementation of sectoral strategies* to build a competitive Morocco.

* Strategies in connection with its missions and trade.


MEDZ’s mission is to design, equip, develop and manage a new generation of industrial zones, enjoying high investment potential, generating wealth, and creating jobs in the following sectors:

  • Industry, Trade & Logistics.
  • Offshoring & New Technologies.
  • Tourism.


As a major player in the territorial development of Morocco, MEDZ assists the government in the implementation of various sectoral strategies:

  • Tourism (Azur Plan, 2020 Vision).
  • Industry (Emergence Plan).
  • Agricultural development (Green Morocco Plan).
  • Commerce (Rawaj Plan).
  • Seafood (Halieutis Plan).
  • Energy (Renewable Energies National Strategy).