Strategic directions

To achieve its vision, MEDZ has decided to focus its efforts on a priority basis oriented to 4 strategic directions:

1 / Strengthen the confidence of its institutional partners.

MEDZ’s Commitments:

  • Develop and strengthen close partnerships (State, local authorities, Regional Investment Centers, etc.).
  • Maintain its position as a key provider of innovative solutions (technical, service-related, or financial solutions) in the implementation of sectoral policies.
  • Strive for regional economic and social development.

2 / Striving for customer delight.

MEDZ’s objectives:
  • Provide infrastructure that complies with international standards, respecting the environment and competitive conditions.
  • Offer innovative and quality services in order to provide its customers and employees with the best conditions to perform their activities.
  • Promote and improve communication with its customers.

3 / Improve its performances.

MEDZ’s dynamics improvement process:
  • Improve business efficiency.
  • Increase the profitability of its business and maximize value for its shareholders.
  • Strengthen governance mechanisms.
  • Extend its expertise and activities in other sectors related to its business.

4 / Valuing human capital.

MEDZ’s Vow:
  • Put every effort on providing a fulfilling work environment that promotes productivity of its collaborators.
  • Foster skill development and the employability of its collaborators.
  • Improve the quality of HR services and encourage closeness to its employees.