HR Policy

Recognizing that human capital is a core value and a major asset for growth and development, MEDZ seeks to secure the adequate means to attract, develop and retain the best candidates and to provide them with the necessary optimal conditions for their development.

Thus, it has adopted a HR policy which is based on six pillars:



MEDZ anticipate their human resource needs in order to implement their strategic decisions, and this goes through HR planning budgets, hiring, departures, training, internal mobility, the evolution of job trends....


The primary asset of MEDZ is the expertise of its employees, that is where lies the importance of hiring the most competent talents, to provide them with a stimulating and formative environment, but also to properly welcome them, from the moment they are recruited up to their total integration, and this means :
  • Creating conditions conducive to integration and performance.
  • Personalized support in order for new hires to better familiarize themselves with the structure and  the operating rules.


To provide all the necessary means for the personal and professional development of employees is the third pillar of the HR policy at  MEDZ, which focuses on:


MEDZ carries out annual training operations to develop skills and maintain the employability of its employees.
This plan is available in:

  • Intra-Company Training: Customized Training provided for the benefit of small groups of employees of MEDZ and its and subsidiaries.
  • Inter-Company Training: Specific Training conducted by highly reputed training consultants.
  • E-Learning: It is an online platform, allowing employees to self-train from anywhere and any time.
  • Diploma-Based Training

Evaluation system

In order to allow its employees to focus their efforts in the right direction and to help them enhance their skills, MEDZ introduced an annual evaluation system which is used to identify individual development plans.

Mobility and internal promotion

MEDZ offers the possibility to its employees to benefit from in-house mobility as well as throughout  the CDG subsidiaries, while assisting them in starting out in their mutated positions and preparing their promotions, or even their conversions.


MEDZ recognizes the talent and potential of its employees and provides them, in return for  their contribution, with various acknowledgements through the following :

Compensation system

  • A fixed compensation based on job requirements.
  • Annual advancements related to the performance of each employee.
  • A variable compensation scheme closeley correlated with the employee’s level of achievement of annual objectives .


Beyond the compensation, there are many benefits offered by MEDZ and the CDG Group to all employees (partner agreements, health coverage with economic conditions for employees, social security with a wide variety of offers ...).

Local management

MEDZ adopted a management mode promoting closeness between employees and top management, through regular quality meetings, thus involving them in the decision making process.

Sharing and communicating

Exchanges and communication among MEDZ employees are encouraged thanks to the systems established by the Human Resources department. The Group’s corporate culture is indeed of paramount importance to MEDZ.

Ethics and respect

MEDZ has made ethics and the respect of the group’s core values an integral part of its HR policy and does so by:

  • Promoting the spirit of responsibility and exemplarity.
  • Respecting the limits of autonomy.
  • Offering a serene work environment, respectful of differences and conducive to professional and personal development of employees.