The Supervisory Board

The mission of the Supervisory Board is to ensure the proper functioning of MEDZ and report to CDG Développement, the parent company. To do so, it has permanent control over the management of the company through the Board.

The Supervisory Board authorizes the total or partial transfer of shareholdings, and the establishment of securities, deposits and guarantees, except in companies operating a bank or a financial institution.


  • Mr. Abdellatif ZAGHNOUN, President.
  • Mr. Said LAFTIT, member.
  • Mr. Mohamed Amine BENHALIMA, member.
  • Mr. Azzedine BENMOUSSA, member.

The Management Board

Appointed by the Supervisory Board, the Management Board is in charge of managing MEDZ. It is vested with the broadest powers to act in all circumstances on behalf of the company.

It exercises these powers within the limits of the corporate purpose and subject to those powers expressly granted by law to the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders' Meetings.


  • Mr. Omar ELYAZGHI: President.
  • Mr. Mohssine SEMMAR: member.
  • Mr. Abderrafiae HANOUF: member.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is an executive body that is responsible for the proper functioning of all MEDZ’s activities and ensures the implementation and coordination of the strategic decisions and actions of the Supervisory Board.

Depending on the agenda, the Executive Committee meets on a:

  • Restricted basis: only members of MEDZ.
  • Broad basis: MEDZ members and the top management of its subsidiaries.


The Investment Committee

Its mission is to assist and advise the Supervisory Board on the following points:

  • Define the general investment policy.
  • Analyze the medium-term plan.
  • Analyze the annual investment budgets and recommend the required adjustments.
  • Assess the appropriateness of investment operations prior to their engagement.
  • Advise on new activities in terms of consistency with the business model of MEDZ and CDG group.


  • Mr. Amine BENHALIMA, President.
  • Ms. Iitimad OUAZZANI, member.
  • Mr. Yassine HADDAOUI, member.

Audit & Risk Committee

Its main task is to examine financial statement drafts to be submitted to the Supervisory Board, to ensure the consistency of control and audit mechanisms, to monitor risks, to review audit missions and to examine the annual report on internal control.


  • Mr. Said LAFTIT, President.
  • Mr. Mustapha LAHBOUBI, member.
  • Mr. Azzedine BENMOUSSA, member.
  • Mr. Mohamed Ali GHANNAM, member.
  • Mr. Mohamed HAFNAOUI, member.

Remuneration & Nomination Committee

Its mission is to assist the Supervisory Board in the implementation and coordination of strategic decisions related to human resources, the determination and control of remuneration, and the review of compliance with corporate governance principles.


  • Mr. Said LAFTIT, President.
  • Mr. Hamza El HAJOUI, member.
  • Mr. Faisal BELHASSANI, member.
  • Mr. Mohamed HAFNAOUI, member.