Examples of achievements

Since its incorporation in 2002, MEDZ has demonstrated its skills and expertise in the design, development and management of offshoring, touristic and industrial areas.

We invite you to discover some of our achievements:

Atlantic Free Zone


In less than 3 years (bef. 2010 to Dec 2013), Medz contributed, through Atlantic Free Zone, to the construction of a new industrial area accessible by the global car industry (which is experiencing a sustained acceleration in terms of the creation of both value and job opportunities). Currently, 6500 jobs have been created and 13.500 others are aimed by 2015.

First-tier suppliers such as Fujikura, Swez, Saint Gobain, Delphi…have chosen to settle in this area since they have several car constructors’clients in Morocco and Europe.



The aeronautic sector constitutes a driving national economic force despite its weak contribution to the Moroccan trade balance (about 7 billion dhs).

Over the last six (6) years, sales from exports have witnessed a considerable sustainable growth pace, by 17 percent increase. About one hundred (100) companies currently operate in exportats, with 8400 jobs created.

Endowed with an industrial area to host the important sector, Morocco could seduce the third (3rd) largest interenational aeronautics manufacturer, Canadian Bombardier, which is undertaking an investment project at Midparc.

This project will receive a budget of $2 000 000 and is expected to hire about 850 people; hence, it will contribute to the reinforcement of the aeronautics sector and improvement of its reputation at the international and regional levels.

Aguedal touristic site in Marrakech


Located near the curtain walls and gardens of Marrakech, Aguedal provides breathtaking scenery overlooking the Atlas mountains, and a ads a charming atmosphere to the landscape. It is spread over 96 ha and offers a rich and diversified program:

  • Land parcels for 4 and 5* hotels.
  • Land parcels for guest houses.
  • Land parcels for residential areas composed of villas, ryads and apartments.
  • Land parcels for facilities and entertainment areas.
  • High standard common infrastructure.

The budget allocated for the development of Aguedal is set to 418 MDH; therefore, it is expected to increase bed capacity in Marrakech by 7000 and to provide 7500 job opportunities, of which 3000 shall be through direct employment.

Zahrate Annakhil, a new tourist area in Marrakech


Located in the heart of Marrakech’s famous Palmeraie, Zahrat Annakhilis the 2nd tourist integrated area constructed by MEDZ in the ochre city. This new area is developed over a surface of 181 ha and proposes:

  • Land parcels for 4 and 5* hotels.
  • Land parcels for guest houses.
  • Land parcels for residential areas.
  • Several other facilities and entertainment areas.

Zahrat Annakhil area shall, once completed, create about 13.000 jobs, including 2.600 direct jobs. It will also contribute to increasing the bed capacity of Marrakech by 8400 additional keys.

Ghandouri, another tourist area in Tanger


Ghandouri is a seaside resort that complements the city’s touristic landscape. It is located near a 10 ha forest and spread over 60 ha, thus proposing:

  • Land parcels for hotels and tourist residential areas.
  • Land parcels for guest houses.
  • Land parcels for residential areas (villas, ryads, etc.).
  • Several other facilities (entertainment, shops, etc).

This project’s total budget was set at 160 MDH and will supply the job market with 4600 employment opportunities and increase bed capacity by 2300 more.

Bouznika II, a new industrial area

Bouznika II industrial area is part of the national program for developing industrial spaces.

This 600 MDH project targets non-polluting SME/SMI in the 2nd rank. It will create 3000 jobs, including 2000 direct job contracts once the project is implemented.

Gzenaya, a new industrial area in Tanger

Located at the borders of Tangier city, and covering around 129 ha, this new industrial area named Gzenaya shall benefit from a strategic location. It will consist of:

  • Land parcels to be used for industrial facilities.
  • Land parcels for houses.
  • Land parcels for other facilities (governmental buildings….).