Platform: Industrial park of Kenitra is at 50% to completion

13 December 2013
Last Updated on Friday, 27 June 2014 14:54 Published on 13 December 2013

Source : Le matin

"Atlantic Free Zone", has already attracted investment requests with amounts that exceeded 1.5 billion dirhams.
The development of the very promising and long-awaited integrated industrial platform (P2I) of Kenitra, "Atlantic Free Zone" is progressing well.

According to the latest progress report, works on this P2I are half-way to completion, according to the Regional Investment Centre (CRI). This has already attracted many investment requests in the export processing zone, with amounts exceeding 1.5 billion dirhams.

It should be noted that this new industrial and logistics park is structured around two industrial zones. The first is an export free zone (199 ha) offering tax and customs benefits and the second, an open area (146 ha) is general and intended to host companies mainly targeting the national market.

This is particularly the first export processing zone which was the subject of the most consistent investment requests from several companies that will commit more than 1.5 billion DH, whereas the second open zone received investment intentions of 63 million DH. This will generate 6,700 jobs and 300 respectively, indicates the CRI, quoted by MAP.

The industrial platform will cover a total area of 345 ha in two phases. The first installment, which will be performed on a gross area of 192 ha, will be ready by the third quarter of 2011, according to the CRI, which states that site surveys for this first phase are completed in both zones and off-site surveys are at 90% of achievement.

Regarding the development work, they are at 70% of progress at the open zone and 25% in the free zone, bringing the overall progress of works at 50%.
The city of Kenitra and the region of Gharb-Chrarda-Beni-Hssen do not take long to develop a next-generation industrial platform that will certainly strengthen their competitiveness and attractiveness.

This will be a significant achievement in the National Pact for Industrial Emergence 2009-2015 which aims to provide the country with a strong industrial sector.
To do this, the plan is to formalize the offer of Morocco and capture investment, both national or foreign, while concentrating efforts and investments in the global business of Morocco (such as offshoring, automotive, aerospace, electronics, textiles and leather, food), the development of integrated industrial platforms, improving the business climate and the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses and adapt training to the needs of the job market.

In addition to a very advantageous property, very competitive offer and a varied range of services tailored to the needs of investors, this project also has an Export Processing Zone. It is composed of an industrial area and a logistics area.

The first area hosts mainly automotive suppliers, and export-oriented activities such as agro-industry, textile and leather industries, and metallurgical industries, mechanical, electrical and electronic industries including automotive, chemical and para-chemical industries as well as other services.

The logistics area will include a railway station, a dry dock (railway transport), offshore banks and a training centre for the automotive sector, which will be established with the cooperation of international training partners for which architectural and engineering designs have been completed.

A range of benefits
Enjoying the status of a free zone, the new platform offers companies that will locate it attractive fiscal and customs measures, including exemption from corporate tax for the first 5 years of activity and a reduction of 8.75 in the subsequent 20 years, in addition to exemption from VAT and customs duties and simplification of customs procedures.
Similarly, the state offers various grants and subsidies, especially through a one-stop administrative support centre dedicated to the new park, subsidies for installation and training with a training plan for the establishment of a training centre for the automotive sector.

Real Estate Landmarks

The promoters of the project "Atlantic Free Zone" offer turnkey buildings and industrial premises office floors for industrial and service companies in all possible forms: property leasing, long term leasing and purchase.


The sponsor of the integrated industrial platform of Kenitra is composed of the company MEDZ, a subsidiary of the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG), and the Spanish company Edo¬nia World, has created a company that will be responsible for the completion of the investment in this platform called Atlantic Free Investment Zone (AFZI).

About us


MEDZ is a leader in the development, the promotion and the management of industrial, offshoring and touristic business parks in Morocco.

MEDZ is a 100% owned subsidiary of the CDG Groupe (Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion), a Deposit and Management Fund Group, which is the first institutional investor in the Kingdom of Morocco. Since its inception in 2002, MEDZ is acting in the territorial development of the country by offering investors an environment of excellence that maximizes their competitiveness.

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It thus provides them with a world class infrastructure through strategic parks all over the country:

  • Integrated and innovative industrial parks offering a wide range of added-value services: a one stop shop center, (companies creation, recruitment, training …), business centers, security and facilities management, training centers, “ideal setting”, etc.
  • A network of offshoring facilities offering world class services and allowing operators to work in an outstanding environment.
  • Integrated touristic areas offering diversified and adapted programs.

MEDZ, through all its achievements and projects, contributes to the economic and social development of Morocco, by creation of wealth, value and employment.



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