Project details Atlantic Free Zone Kenitra

03 April 2012

Source : The Eco Life

A budget of 1.2 billion dirhams. Integration of the automobile industrial chain in the region, creation of nearly 30,000 jobs, including 20,000 direct and attractive assets and tax measures.

Achieving Atlantic Free Zone part of the National Pact for Industrial Emergence, for the construction of a strong industrial sector. Its main objective is to formalize the offer including Morocco and capture investment, both domestic and foreign, while concentrating efforts and investments of the State in a global business that is the automotive industry. The Atlantic Free Zone project aims to eventually integrate the automobile industrial chain in the region and the creation of nearly 30,000 jobs, including 20,000 direct.

Requiring for its development an estimated 1.2 billion DH overall budget, this park provided on a total area of 345 ha, is divided into two independent areas: a free zone, which occupies about two-thirds of the project (198 ha) and a free area, which occupies the remaining third (147 ha).

This project is the result of a partnership between the State, through:

  • The Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies.
  • The Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  • The Ministry of the Interior.
  • The Ministry of Equipment and Transport.
  • The Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.
  • The Hassan II Fund for Economic and Social Development.
  • The Wilaya of Gharb Chrarda Bni Hssen.

Group and developer developer and project manager, namely:

  • The company MEDZ subsidiary of CDG Développement.
  • The company Edonia World.

Integrated industrial platform Atlantic Free Zone (AFZ) is located about ten kilometers east of the city of Kenitra, in the Commune of Amer Saflia.

The site has excellent connectivity and can rely on a road, rail and air infrastructure quality:

  • Connection to 8 km national highway network (~ 1400 km) connect directly to the port of Tangier.
  • Reasonable Distance from Tanger Med (about 250 km by highway).
  • Railway bordering the site: rail service by the Casablanca - Tangier (1h15 Casablanca).
  • Air Connectivity: 1h30 from Casablanca airport and 40 minutes from the airport of Rabat.

Atlantic Free Zone is one of the first integrated latest generation industrial platforms. It targets industry sectors including automotive équipementerie, related activities and export, industrial logistics and the support services industry (maintenance, offices, business centers, etc. .)



A diverse and coherent development program, based on a concept of Integrated Platform

  • Plots of land equipped.
  • Ready-to-use units.
  • The office floors.
  • A city electronics & high-tech area.
  • A logistics area.
  • An administrative area.
  • Public facilities and proximity to shops and services.
  • Hotels, restaurants and exhibition center.
  • Green area, rest area, etc..

The Atlantic Free Zone development will be in 2 tranches:

  • A first tranche, with an area of 192 ha.
  • A second tranche of an area of 153 ha.


Other strengths of Atlantic Park Free Zone

Attractive fiscal and customs measures (Statute Free Zone)

  • Exemption of companies in the free zone of the corporate income tax for the first 5 years of operation and reduction to 8.75% thereafter.
  • Free repatriation of profits and capital.
  • Exemption from VAT and customs duties and simplification of customs procedures.

Project "turnkey"

AFZ offers integrated bare land and buildings, for industrial and logistics facilities.
All industrial needs are taken into account: project design according to customer needs, obtaining building permits etc.. The quality of construction is aligned with European standards.

Attractive financing conditions

AFZ has negotiated agreements with several local banks to secure funding for key projects in-hand with clients, in the form of real estate leasing.

An aid to large investment component

The state offers different grants:

  • One-stop administrative project level.
  • Subsidies for installation.
  • Training subsidies.
  • Training plan for the establishment of a Training Centre Sector Automobile at the park.

A competitive workforce

Region Gharb Chrarda Bni Hssen has a pool of human resources, qualified and available.
Apart from these undeniable benefits to investors, Atlantic Free Zone will have significant economic and social benefits. This major project will thus eventually generate more than 20,000 jobs. It will also contribute to the development of a region rich in potential by the pulse of a dynamic industrial structuring.
Through this ambitious project, which promotes the revitalization of the Moroccan industrial fabric and enhances the attractiveness of the Region of Gharb Chrarda Bni Hssen, MEDZ confirms its role as a key player in sustainable regional planning and economic development of Morocco .

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