Strengths of this area

The Location & excellentnetworking

Atlantic Free is situated in the region of Gharb-Chrarda-BéniHssen, just between two major regional centers, Casablanca and Tanger.

The area benefits from an excellent transportation network. It can; therefore, make use of a high-quality roads, railways and airports infrastructure:

  • Connected at a distance of 11 km to the national highway network (~1400 km), it directly supplies Tanger MED port.
  • Reasonable distance toTanger Med port (about 250 km by highway).
  • Railway in the neighbourhood of thesite:The are issupplied by railway via bythe Casablanca/Tangerline (1h15from Casablanca).
  • Airway: 1h30 from Casablanca airport and 40 min from Rabat airport.

International hub

The diverse offers and numerous advantages that Atlantic Free Zone has make it an attractive platform with numerous assets, at only 3 hours distance from the European capitals.

Innovating positioning

Atlantic Free Zone (AFZ) is one of the first new generation integrated platforms undertaken as part of the National Pact for Industrial Emergence.

It is primarily oriented towards automobiles and electronics.

Ensured advantages related to the free zone status

Atlantic Free Zone benefits from attractive tax and customs benefits:

  • Exemption from the tax on companies during the first five years starting from the date of incorporation and 8.75% reductions for the following 20 years.
  • Exemption from VAT and customs dues and easy-to-handle customs procedures.
  • Free repatriation of profits and capital.

“Turnkey " project

AFZ proposes an integrated offer of undeveloped properties and constructed buildings, aimed to host logistics services and industrial facilities.

The whole needs of manufacturers are taken into consideration: project design based on the client’s needs, assistance in obtaining building permits, and so on. The project also ensures that the construction quality will be in line with European standards.

Competitive workforce

Gharb-Chrarda-BéniHssenregion provides qualified human resources.


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