Fes Shore

Strengths of this area

Infrastructures and services

In addition to providing efficient support services (such as catering facilities, Business center, One-stop-shop, etc.), Fes Shore provides World Class infrastructure in line with international standards to satisfy the needs of more demanding client.

Qualified and available human resources

Thanks to a privileged geographical situation, this project offers recruitment services to the residing firms by connecting them with right persons. This will enable them to choose from a qualified human resource pool. Because it is located close to several universities, in Meknes and Ifrane, a large number of young graduates have training in offshoring and information technology.

Furthermore, and in order to train students according to the needs of employers, the Vocational Training Office has chosen to set up an office in the park as well.

What is better than being inside the 1st tier two city and inside the largest University pool of Morocco?

Competitive cost

  • Only 20% income tax.
  • 0% of corporate tax during 5 years, and only 17.5% afterwards.
  • Telecom cost reduced by 30% compared to the market price.


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They rely on us

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