Oujda Technopole

Strengths of this area

A strategic location

Oujda Technopole is located in the Oriental region and enjoys a unique geographical location at the crossroads of Europe, the Maghreb and Africa.
The region also has a coastline of 200 km, and thus offering significant opportunities for economic development.
Furthermore, in terms of infrastructure connecting the project with the rest of the region, the Technopole is located:

  • Close to Oujda Angad Airport.
  • On the freeway linking Saidia to Oujda.
  • 120 km from the port of Nador Beni-Nassar.

A dynamic region

The area is boosted by the launch and implementation of major infrastructure projects (the port of Tanger-Med, railways, the highway linking Rabat to Oujda, etc.) and tourism projects (the seaside resort of Saidia and Marchica, etc.).

A competitive workforce

The Oriental region offers available and qualified manpower at very attractive costs. The average salary in Morocco amounts € 327/month, which is 10 times less than the average salary in Spain.

Significant potentials & resources

The Oriental region possesses significant natural resources in various domains (i.e. industry, food processing, tourism, mining, etc.).



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20 June 2013 Oujda Technopole: HM the King inquires about the progress achieved in Oujda Technopole On 20 June 2013, His Majesty King Mohammed VI inquired about the status of progress for the first phase of Oujda Technopole, built by MEDZ, a...
10 December 2012 Oujda Technopole: Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between MEDZ and ONDA On 10 December 2012, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Mr. Abdellatif Hadj Hamou, Chairman of the Management Board of MEDZ and Mr....
16 December 2011 Oujda Technopole: Launch of marketing Oujda free zone The company Technopole of Oujda SA, a subsidiary of MEDZ has been designated by Decree No. 6001 dated 5 December 2011, as a dealer of Oujda free...


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