The region Doukkala-Abda

Overview of the Region

The region of Doukkala-Abda is ideally located on the Atlantic coast, south of Casablanca. It is mostly known for its rich natural, historical and cultural heritage.

The region is composed of two industrial areas of activity; Safi and El Jadida. Furthermore, the tourism potential of the region is considerable as it currently has one of the four resorts of the Azur Plan; Mazagan Beach Resort which is a major attraction and development catalyst of the entire region.

iconDim13 285 km²iconhab2 037 018 inhabitantsiconLocalEl Jadida City

Strengths of the region

Geographical Location

The region is ideally located. It is:

  • 1 hour south of Casablanca.
  • 2 hours northwest of Marrakech.
  • 2 hours northeast of Essaouira.

Infrastructures & potentials

ico-zone The region is accessible to international visitors
It is only 115 km from the international airport of Casablanca Mohamed V

ico-route An optimal connection to all parts of Morocco
the Port of Jorf Lasfar is only 80 km away from Casablanca

ico-portuaire A well-developed port network
4 ports: El Jadida, Safi, Jorf Lasfar and Souiria

ico-liaison An efficient rail connection
1,907 km rail, 90 trains per day, 6,280 wagons suitable for all types of products and packaging

ico-oeuvre A skilled and available workforce
A working population of 698,775
105 vocational training institutions

ico-pipe A network of pipelines of 235 km

ico-pole A region that is positioned as a center of economic competitiveness
2 industrial zones, one of them is among the largest in Africa
A reserve of 5 billion tons of gypsum
300 km of coastline

ico-touriste A rich and varied tourist offer
4 million tourists a year

Source: Regional Investment Centre of Doukkala- Abda region

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Key figures

chiffre c Area : 13 285 km² (1,9% of the total land area)

Population : 2 037 018 inhabitants

Urbanization rate: 37,1%