The Oriental region

Overview of the region

The Oriental region is located at the crossroads of Europe, the Maghreb, and Africa. It is renowned for its natural resources, and also for the qualification and abundance of its workforce.

The region is constantly growing thanks to the construction of significant infrastructure projects (the port of Tanger Med, railways, etc.) and tourist facilities (seaside resorts of Saidia and Marchika)

The Oriental region is the second largest region in Morocco in terms of area.

iconDim82,820 km²iconhab2,023,000 inhabitantsiconLocalthe cities of Oujda, Berkane and Nador

Strengths of the region

Geographical Location

The Oriental region is located in the north-east of the kingdom. Thanks to its geostrategic dimension, it has a unique feature to be close and linked to the Maghreb, the Euro-Mediterranean, and the Sahara and Sub-Saharan communities. It has borders with:

  • Algeria to the east, with a border of 550 km from the seaside resort of Saidia in the north to Figuig city in the south.
  • Spain, along the occupied enclave of Melilla City adjoining the city of Nador.
  • The countries of southern Europe, along a 200 km coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.

Infrastructures & potentials

ico-zone A natural exchange zone through the Mediterranean Sea
200 km of coastline along the Mediterranean.
2 airports; one in Nador and one in Oujda

ico-route Optimal connection to all parts of Morocco
A motorway of 328 km linking Fez to Oujda
507 Km of roads linking Tangier to Saidia (7 hours drive)

ico-liaison An efficient rail network
684 km of rail network

ico-portuaire A port network ensuring the best transit conditions
2 maritime ports, and 2 marinas

ico-bassin Active and qualified workforce
49.9 % of the population are younger than 25 years
120,318 job seekers in the region
An average monthly gross salary of a technician between € 250 and € 480
Employer social contributions: 17 % of the gross salary of workers and managers

ico-civil A very active civil society
about 671 associations, and 462 cooperatives (419 agricultural and 43 craft cooperatives).

ico-finance 11% of the national volume of bank deposits
25 % of remittances sent from Moroccans living abroad to their families in Morocco

ico-centrale A thermo-solar plant, with more than 220,000 m² of solar panels

ico-pole A distinguished center of economic competitiveness

Source: Agency of the Oriental Region.

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Key figures

chiffre c

  • Area: 82,820 Km²
  • Population: 2,023,000 inhabitants
  • Urbanization: 67 %