The region Souss-Massa-Draa

Overview of the Region

Souss-Mass-Draa is a crossroads region where the ocean, desert and mountains meet. This region enjoys a biodiversity and nice weather throughout the year, which make it an area of exceptional life and good opportunities for investment, particularly in the field of tourism, technologies, agribusiness and fisheries.
This region is known for its potential in agriculture, richness of its fisheries resources and for its particularly important mining activity.

Souss-Massa-Draa is a dynamic and crucial region for the national economy. It is the second region in the country in terms of GDP, with a significant contribution in vital fields (each of the region’s agriculture, fishing and tourism represents 1/3 of the national GDP achieved by these three sectors).


iconDim72 506 km²iconhabMore than 3.3 million inhabitantsiconLocalAgadir City MEDZ park

Strengths of the region

Geographical location

The region is bordered from the north by the massif of Occidental and Oriental High Atlas, follows the valley of Oued Souss, crossed in the middle by Oued Massa and the Anti-Atlas, and bordered from the south by the river of Draa.

  • At 2h3o min, i.e. 251 km from the region of Marrakech Tenssift al Haouz in the north.
  • At only 2h from the region of Guelmim-Es-Semara, i.e. 198 km.
  • At 5h 18 min from the region of Meknes – Tafilalet in the East.

Infrastructures & potentiels

ico-zone Two international airports, one in Agadir and the other in Ouarzazat, and a small one in Zagora

ico-route A highway network of 8,000 km, putting the region on the axis that connects Europe to sub-Saharan Africa
The 250-km highway section Agadir-Marrakech has been in use since June 2010

ico-portuaire One commercial port, three fishing ports and two marinas: Agadir is the first port in Morocco in terms of value and fourth in production quantity

halieutique A promising fisheries potential
62,535 tons of coast fishing

 ico-oeuvre 4 colleges, 3 higher education schools, one private international university and more than 30 public and private vocational training centers

ico-thermique A thermal plant for electricity production in Agadir
An integrated solar complex in Ouarzazat with a global production capacity of 500 MW

bass A hydraulic basin of more than one million m3 of water
8 dams

ico-pole Souss-Massa-Draa region hosts 11 industrial zones, of which one Industrial Platform is intended for industries of seafood processing

tourisme 1/3 of the national capacity: the first touristic pole of the Kingdom

Source: Regional Center of Investment of the Region of Souss-Massa-Draa.

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Key figures

chiffre c Area: 72,506 KM
Proportion of the national area: 10%
Population : 3,3 MILLIONS
Annual growth rate: 1,7%
Urbanization rate: 41%
Participation rate: 52%
GDP: 76 billions DH
share of the national GDP: 12,3%