Position of the sector in Morocco

The automotive industry in Morocco is experiencing a remarkable growth, providing 31% of industrial exports.
Today, this activity regroups over 130 companies, employing approximately 70,000 people in direct jobs, for exports estimated at 2.5 Billion Euros in the first 11 months of 2013 (27.8 billion dirhams).

In addition, the automotive sector has undergone the largest industrial discontinuity in Africa, with the establishment of the Renault assembly site, with eventually a production capacity of 400,000 vehicles per year, and  a total investment of 1.1 Billion Euros.


Development potential of the sector

The efforts made by the state will allow the automotive industry to pursue its development.
The potential that the Morocco destination offers this industry should have an impact estimated at nearly 12 Billion Dirhams in additional GDP and result in the creation of about 70,000 new jobs across the automotive industry.


Opportunities for investors

Specific measures have been implemented to enable the country to build itself into a future industrial base of the Automotive Sector :

  • A development platform of skilled human resources thanks to training plans (Participation in the cost of training employees upon hiring as well as continuous training. Training institutes dedicated to the sector).
  • A diverse real estate offer in accordance with the highest international standards in the form of Integrated Industrial Platforms (P2i).
  • An attractive and  conducive environment via the free zone status.



Testimony | Abdelkader Aâmara, Former Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy

aamara « The expanding of the trades value chain should increase our local integration in this field, and specifically the vertical one for certain trades, with the purpose of sharpening the Moroccan offer, to be able to better negotiate with other automobile manufacturers and boost investment in trades deemed necessary for the development of the automotive sector in Morocco »

Testimony | Hakim Abdelmoumen, elected in June 2012 as President of AMICA (Moroccan Association for Industry and Automotive Trade )

abdelmoumen  « Morocco has set the objective to become a platform for the Euro-Mediterranean region. The market is heading towards the development of activities with higher added value, such as plastics but also the design features inside the vehicle such as elements of the braking system or chassis to be exported. »


Key figures from the automotive sector in Morocco

  • 31% of industrial exports, as in 2.5 Billion Euros.
  • 70.000 direct jobs.



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