Chemistry, Para-chemistry & Metallurgy

Position of the sector in Morocco

Chemical and para-chemical companies represent 20.5 % of industrial companies in Morocco. There are 1627 companies; they contribute about 16.1 % of the industrial production, employ 11.9 % of the workforce, drain 25.4 % of investments, and have a total turnover of 50.5 billion dirhams.

Phosphates and fertilizers represent 69% of the chemistry and para-chemistry industry. Other activities complement the composition of the sector, such as paints, adhesives, inks, plastic, glass, etc.


Development potential of the sector

Being aware of the great development potential of the Para-chemical/Chemical sector, a strategic study was conducted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy, in partnership with OCP Group and FCP (Federation of Chemistry and Para-chemistry). The study focused on all industries of the sector and aspired to achieve:

  • An additional turnover of 100 billion dirhams by 2023.
  • 70 billion dirhams of profit to be generated by foreign companies by 2023.
  • 50% of the activity undertaken by foreign operators.
  • 75 billion dirhams of exportations, that is to say 53 % of the sector projected revenue.


Offers to investors

The chemical and para-chemical industry in Morocco is organized in two federations (The Federation of Chemistry and Para-chemistry and the Moroccan Federation of Plastics Industry), and several other associations and technical centers. These professional associations were created in partnership with the Ministry of industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy to improve the competitiveness of the industry, the business productivity, and the development of products quality.

In the framework of the development strategy, fostering measures were put in place to support the industry. In particular, these measures include subsidizing the costs of land development, construction of buildings, and purchase of equipment in future Chem-parks (industrial platforms specially dedicated to the chemistry and para-chemistry industry).



Testimony | Abdelkader Aâmara, Former Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy

aamara  « The industry has a great development potential. Its strength lies in the organization of the profession through the Federation of Chemistry and Para-chemistry (FCP) and other associations that are making huge efforts to improve the competitiveness of the sector and ensure its adaptation with globalization challenges. »


Key figures of the chemistry, para-chemistry & metallurgy sector in Morocco

  • 44% of industrial added value
  • 20.5 % of industrial businesses in Morocco
  • 1627 industrial companies
  • A turnover of 50.5 billion dirhams
  • 16.1 % of industrial production
  • 100 billion dirhams of additional turnover expected by 2023



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