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Situation of the sector in Morocco

Morocco has a significant renewable energy potential. Indeed, it has a considerable solar field, with a capacity to produce 20,000 MW, with more than 3 000h/year of sunshine.

To meet its energy needs, the country has adopted an energy strategy that aims to:

  • Optimize the energy mix, while reducing dependence on primary energy imports.
  • Meet the increasing domestic demand.
  • Ensure the progress of research, development, and training related to the industry.
  • Make of Morocco the first North African developer of large-scale solar production.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Development potential of the sector

Thanks to its potential and its energy strategy, Morocco has what it takes to become a future energy producer by 2020, and even "The leader of green growth in Africa" according to Donald Kaberuka, the president of the BAD Bank (Banque Africaine de Development).

In fact, the energy production of renewable electricity will reach 42 % by 2020, divided equally between solar, wind and hydraulic energy.


Offers to investors

To provide a better climate to its investors, Morocco has implemented a number of incentives. These include:

  • Contribution of the Energy Development Fund to finance investment projects.
  • Granting up to 10% of property and equipment costs.
  • Specific support mechanisms for aircraft carrier projects.
  • Support for training and R&D.
  • A dedicated Free Zone called “Cleantech” ( located in Oujda Technopole) for exporting industries.



Testimony | Charles Cormier, Director of the Energy and Environment Department at the World Bank in charge of the MENA region

cormier « The renewable energy strategy adopted by the Kingdom proves that Morocco has understood its energy needs »

Testimony | Amani Abou-Zeid, Resident Representative of the African Development Bank in Morocco

amani « Morocco has become a pioneer in the development of large-scale renewable energy, and we are proud to support this growth »

Key figures of the renewable energy sector in Morocco

  • 3000 hours of sunshine per year.
  • 5 KWh/m2/day of irradiation.
  • Over 200 exploitable sites.

Wind Energy Plan

  • USD 3.5 billion of investment.
  • 2,000 MW of wind energy capacity to be installed by 2020.
  • 6,600 GWH of electricity production.

Solar Energy Plan

  • USD 9 billion of investment.
  • 2,000 MW of solar energy capacity to be installed by 2020.
  • 4,000 MW of electricity production.

Source: Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment.



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