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Geographical position

Located in North Africa, 15 km from Europe, Morocco enjoys a strategic position allowing it a direct connection to 52 countries and 110 cities. It is one of the most important crossroads in the world connecting 3 continents: Africa, Europe and America.

Business climate

Morocco is a stable country with an attractive business and investment climate compared to other developing countries.

1er centre financier en Afrique

1st financial center in Africa

(Global Financial Centres Index 2019)

1er pays africain le plus attractif pour les investisseurs étrangers

1st most attractive African country for foreign investors

(ERNST & YOUNG Africa Attractiveness Survey 2018)

2ème meilleur pays pour les affaires dans la région MENA en 2019

2nd best country for business in the MENA region in 2019

2ème dans le monde entier dans la lutte contre les changements climatiques "Change Performance Index 2019"

2nd worldwide in the fight against climate change

(Change Performance Index 2019)

2ème destination africaine de l’outsourcing

2nd African destination for outsourcing

(Global services location index – A.T. Kerney 2017)

3ème pays africain le plus attractif pour les investisseurs «where to invest in Africa 2019»

3rd most attractive African country for investors “where to invest in Africa 2019”

(Merchant Bank & Forbes).

3ème top destination dans le monde arabe pour les IDE

3rd top destination in the Arab world for FDI

(FDI Intelligence 2018)

53ème au classement DOING BUSINESS 2020

53rd in the Doing business 2019 ranking

(3rd in North Africa)

Global Peace Index (2018) : Niveau élevé

Global Peace Index (2018): high level

1er en Afrique en termes de qualité d’infrastructure

1st in Africa in terms of infrastructure


Evolution soutenue des IDE destinés au Maroc pour atteindre les 5 Milliards de $

Sustained evolution of foreign direct investments in Morocco to reach $ 5 billion

1er en Afrique et 17e dans le monde en matière de connectivité des transports maritimes de conteneurs

1st in Africa and 17th in the world in terms of maritime container connectivity

(UNCTAD 2018)

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Human resources

In Morocco, human resources are a major asset in the service of competitive investment and the creation of added value.

A growing number of graduates for an even more qualified workforce:

  • Over 700,000 students in higher education programs.
  • 16 universities and 170 public and private higher education institutions.
  • Office for Vocational Training and Work Promotion (OFPTT): network of 300 establishments and 140 training courses leading to diplomas.
  • 1st French schools network in the world: 30 schools for more than 28,000 students.
  • Multiple academic partnerships with the most prestigious American, Canadian, English and French schools in the world.
  • Multilingual human resources open to foreign cultures (3 million Moroccans in Europe).


Morocco is considered to be the first country in Africa in terms of infrastructure (according to the World Economic Forum 2018) with an excellent and diverse network:


Airports :


National and international airports


Airport in Casablanca: hub n ° 1 between Europe and Africa




Tanger-Med is the leading African port for containers and the leading port in the Mediterranean, with 9 million TEU containers


shores: Mediterranean and Atlantic (3,500 KM)

+ 40

More than 40 ports including 13 dedicated to foreign trade (Tanger-Med, Nador West-Med, Jorf lasfar Port…)




Km of rail


African high speed train connecting Tangier to Casablanca (350 KM)



+ 1800

km of motorways

70 %

of the population is connected by a well-developed network


A constant evolution of the network multiplied by 12 in 15 years

Renewable energy:

582 MW

is the installed capacity at Noor Ouarzazate, which is one of the largest solar complexes

1600 MW

is the total energy produced by the project (600 MW of CSP and 1,000 MW of photovoltaics).


1 Md€

invested for the development of tram infrastructure in Casablanca and Rabat.



Best network in Africa


subscribers with a penetration rate of 130%


Morocco owns 10% of the allocated IPv4 address ranges in Africa and the Indian Ocean, and is the 3rd largest user of IPv4 addresses in Africa.

Free trade agreements

Morocco has concluded a panoply of free trade agreements, giving access to a pool of 1.3 billion consumers in the world.

Sector strategies

The Moroccan state has set up a series of sectoral plans capable of ensuring strong, sustainable and wealth-creating economic growth for the country.

These plans are part of a logic of modernization of traditional sectors such as agriculture, fishing, etc. as well as a logic of development of innovative sectors such as offshoring, the automotive industry, aeronautics, logistics, renewable energies and high value-added services, where Morocco offers real competitive advantages:

Africa Partnership

Morocco has a clear geostrategic vision, materialized by the importance of its companies in Africa.

Partenariat Afrique

Investment opportunities

  • Strong desire to strengthen Morocco's position as an African leader.
  • Numerous royal visits to several African countries since 2000, materialized by more than 600 signed agreements.
  • Positioning of Morocco as a platform allowing foreign companies to project their activities in sub-Saharan Africa due to their in-depth knowledge of African markets.
  • Very frequent air connections.
  • Structured Moroccan banking sector with a strong presence in Africa.
Opportunités d’investissements