Our motivations are to adopt a proactive approach to reduce the impacts of our projects on the environment and prevent pollution risks, as well as to coordinate all environmental initiatives in a structured approach, through these commitments:

S'inscrire dans une démarche d'efficacité énergétique et œuvrer pour la réduction de l'empreinte carbonev

Engage in an energy efficiency approach and work to reduce the carbon footprint

Susciter chez nos parties intéressées l’adhésion à nos engagements environnementaux.

Encourage our interested parties to agree to our environmental commitments.

Améliorer nos performances environnementales.

Improve our environmental performance.

Respecter les exigences légales et réglementaires en matière d’environnement.

Comply with legal and regulatory environmental requirements.

Œuvrer pour la prévention de la pollution et la réduction des impacts significatifs liés à nos activités.

Work for the prevention of pollution and the reduction of significant impacts linked to our activities.

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The development of a solar farm in Atlantic Free Zone

MEDZ implemented a solar farm in Atlantic Free Zone, to provide green energy to the plants located in this industrial park. Today, it covers about 20% of AFZ’s electrical energy current needs. This pilot project may be duplicated in other industrial parks.

The development of low environmental impact projects

The implementation of "clean sites" implies to establish, for each project of MEDZ, an environmental monitoring plan. It includes environmental requirements which apply to work with environmental impacts and defines contractual targets and measures to reduce them. Moreover, MEDZ has also set up a charter called "Sites with Low Environmental Damage”. It describes the conditions must be respected on a project to control environmental impacts.

Casanearshore Park Smart Village project

As part of the transformation of Casablanca into a "smarter" city, MedZ Sourcing, a subsidiary of MEDZ, plans to adopt an integrated smart city approach for Casanearshore Park. Through this project, this means offering the community Park (companies, employees, etc.) connected services and facilities in response to transportation, energy efficiency, management of environmental aspects and digital service issues.

The development of sewage treatment plants

MEDZ equips its projects by sewage treatment plants, which are adjusted to the types of industries in each area. The objective is to reject into the cities networks a good quality and domestic water, with a lower environmental impact. These treatment plants are either specific to the parks or are shared with the different local actors in the areas where the parks are located.

The development of low energy buildings

MEDZ chose to design some buildings in line with the environmental requirements. The concept allows reducing building’s energy consumption while improving comfort, reducing health risks for occupants and being economically reasonable. The Jorf Lasfar Park reception building, which is in progress, is an example of energy-efficient building.

The development of a « Knowledge Campus », which promotes the development of training in the field of renewable energy

MEDZ developed a “Knowledge Campus”, at Oujda Technopole, intended to host training operators in sustainable development, tourism, offshoring and Research & Development sectors. It shelters, among others, the Training Institute in Renewable Energy Trades and Energy Efficiency, which provides training in wind power, thermal and photovoltaic solar, energy efficiency and biomass sectors.



Installation of a photovoltaic solar power plant

In line with CDG's climate strategy, MEDZ participates in the development of clean energies and opts for energy efficiency. In this context, a photovoltaic solar power plant was installed on the roof of plot J of Casanearshore Parc.

Carrying out a report on greenhouse gas emissions

Aware of its responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions, MEDZ is committed to carrying out the carbon footprint of its activities. This was initiated by raising awareness among stakeholders and then by data collection in order to quantify gas emissions and recommend actions to reduce them.


MEDZ's environmental approach was crowned by obtaining ISO 14001 certification in 2016.

This recognition rewards MEDZ's commitment and efforts to limit the environmental impacts of its activities and minimize its ecological footprint. It constitutes for our partners and our national and international customers an additional pledge of confidence.


We built the first factory in a period of 8 months, thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Industry and the MEDZ teams on the Atlantic Free Zone of Kenitra (…). They have supported us, from acquiring the land to obtaining everything that is permitted to build and to operate. They also helped us to communicate with the various other institutions to have the energy we need for such an activity on our site. I can tell you (...) that we consider the AFZ-based Morocco site to be the most competitive site of the entire CITIC DICASTAL group. We can say that it is a successful model.

Président du Directoire de DXC Technology Président du Directoire de DXC Technology

Our customers all over the world no longer really care where their ITO activities are carried out which are outsourced, the main thing is that they are carried out in the right place, the most competitive, the one we call the Best Shore. We want Morocco to become a Best Shore destination, that is to say the best place to carry out these activities. Today, on the ITO, Moroccans are excellent resources and manage to meet this international standard.

Président du Directoire de DXC Technology
Lear Corporation Lear Corporation

What motivated our installation at Technopolis are several factors. First of all, the availability of resources in the Rabat area, in terms of engineers or direct personnel. Another point is the proximity of the university, particularly the UIR, with which we have created a partnership. The 3rd axis is the important logistics axis between Casa and Tangier, in order to facilitate all the transport aspects that are very important in our activity. The installation here was done quite smoothly, we had significant support, both from local authorities and MEDZ, especially in the 1st phase in order to have a quality and rapid construction of our building. It lasted less than 10 months and we were able to start our operations in record time, with support on these aspects.

Laurent PICOT
Lear Corporation

Elephant vert chose AGROPOLIS de Meknes as a launching pad for its particularity and its agricultural potential, thanks to the diversity of the climate and also thanks to the geomorphological structure (...). The partnership with MEDZ has materialized in local support in field research, in obtaining construction and operating permits and in commercial support and support for other services. It was very successful support. 

Abdellatif HANSABI
Bernitex Bernitex

The availability of highly qualified labor is very important for our company. Moreover, we benefit from the support of several operators, such as the OFPTT, so that they offer us continuous training.


A large part of our clients are located in Jorf Lasfar, which is a promising area and an industrial area par excellence in all that is mining and energy. It is a serviced area. We chose proximity to settle in. Jorf Lasfar is an area that meets international standards and it is in this context that the choice was made.

Mohamed LAALEJ